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NFL Combine Results: Potential Jets Target Leonard Fournette Weighs in at 240

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Today we got the first results from the 2017 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Running backs, offensive linemen, and specialists were weighed and measured.

Why does this matter? These players were listed at certain heights and weights by their schools when playing in college, but these can be inaccurate. Some of them might be years old, and others are just wrong as the school might try to make their players sound bigger than they are. There also have been instances where prospects have dropped weight below what they play at in advance of the Combine to try and improve some of their speed and agility performances so this provides some context into their athleticism relative to size.

Potential first round pick Leonard Fournette weighed in at 240 pounds and 6’0” tall. Another potential first round back Dalvin Cook is 5’10” and 210 pounds. D’Onta Foreman, who has gotten some talk over the last few days is 6’0” and 233 pounds.

You can go here for a complete listing of weights and measurements from the running backs, offensive linemen, and specialists today.