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Looking Back on Darrelle Revis' Jets Legacy

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Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Darrelle Revis' second stint with the Jets is at an end. It seems unlikely there will be a third stint at his age so one of the greatest Jets careers ever has likely reached its conclusion. I talk about it on today's podcast.

Revis is an interesting case. He is the greatest player the Jets have produced in some time. This franchise doesn't produce many homegrown superstars, yet as could only happen with the Jets, this player isn't beloved by the fanbase because of a series of acrimonious contract standoffs. While the team might deserve a fair share of the blame, the player typically takes the big hit in perception with those things. As could also only happen with the Jets, these difficulties led to the greatest Jets player in a long time getting his only championship with the team's archrival.

I'll offer my thoughts on the Locked on Jets podcast which you can listen to below, on iTunes, or on Audioboom.4