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Jeremiah Has Jets Beefing Up The Ground Game In Latest Mock

Would you be happy to see the Jets take the talented runner from LSU

LSU v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Don't worry, this hasn't turned into a home for fans of the LSU Tigers, however we're feeling the LSU vibe here on GGN tonight. I keep a close eye on all the mocks, and Daniel Jeremiah is a guy who's work I really enjoy, so I thought I'd share his latest mock with you here this afternoon.

As the title suggests, Jeremiah has the Jets beefing up their ground game in his latest mock, with the selection of extremely talented LSU running back Leonard Fournette. Now the big question with Fournette relates to the ankle injury that plagued him through 2016.

Any team selecting Fournette will want to do some serious medical examinations before doing so, but his talent is unquestionable. The question that you have to ask yourself related to whether you think it represents the best value with how the running back position has evolved over the years. That's not an easy question to answer, but if you think he's a franchise guy who you can build your offense around, then it makes a lot of sense.

Jeremiah didn't offer up much of an evaluation, but he did say the following.

Leonard Fournette - RB, LSU: I know the Jets have other needs, but Fournette would be a very tempting option to consider.

I'm still on the fence around this. I know that Fournette is an incredible talent. Someone who could be a once in a generation type runner. However that ankle injury worries me. Would you be happy if the Jets selected Fournette 6th overall this year?