Pre-FA Draft Projection

The combine isn't even here yet, but I'm gonna throw this out there. My gut is that there's a real chance Hack or Petty starts opening day. The OL will have some solid vets during its re-build. The best friend one of those kids could have is a run game.

That's why I think the pick at #6 is RB Fournette. Guy avg 6 npc with 40 TD's in the SEC. Morton can build a running game around him and this OL.

I think the 2nd is gonna be OLB Anderson. He'll bring the James Harrison / Vontez Burfict mentality we need, and have the productivity to back it up.

I think the 3rd is CB Tankersley. We need CB and he'd be a nice pick up there.

Just throwing this out there now, cause i think a strong run game / neophyte QB is in the cards.

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