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McShay Mocks Lattimore to Jets in Latest Mock

We've got Mock Draft 2.0 from ESPN expert Todd McShay and he has the Jets going corner early.

Ohio State v Wisconsin Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Earlier in the draft process, the popular pick for the Jets was Leonard Fournette, the exceptionally talented running back from LSU. Recently the trend has been towards Marshon Lattimore of Ohio State, and I'm seeing more and more mocks slotting him in to the Jets at number 6.

Todd McShay today released his 2nd mock draft of the off-season, and he has the Jets taking the talented Ohio State corner. On the surface it makes sense, the Jets are short at the position and are certainly lacking in talent at corner. With Revis possibly having played his last game, an influx of talent like Lattimore would make sense. However could the Jets spend another high draft pick on a defensive player? If they think he represents the best value, then absolutely. However I'm sure many fans are hoping to hear an offensive name called when Roger Goodell takes to the podium with Jets selection in hand.

With Corey Davis, Jamal Adams, Jonathan Allen, DeShaun Watson and Myles Garrett already off the board, here is what McShay had to say about the Jets selection.

Lattimore has elite cover skills and good length/size (6-0, 192). He has only one year of starting experience, but he showed good ball production, recording four interceptions and nine pass breakups. Darrelle Revis could be gone or could switch to safety, which would heighten the need for a naturally gifted cover-corner like Lattimore.

Lattimore recorded 41 tackles, 4 interceptions and one tackle for a loss with Ohio. However it was his ability to keep the ball out of receivers hands that impressed several scouts, with shutdown corner being mentioned on more than one occasion.