FA Bottom Fishing for Value

Some names to consider for value in FA. I'm no where near informed enough to suggest contract terms. Each player listed is expected to be a reliable starter.

C/G Stefan Wisnewski - He's 28 - played 600 snaps at G with Philly. Was an injury plagued C early on with Raiders.

C J.C. Tretter - He's 26. Played 500 snaps at C for GB before getting hurt and losing his job to Lindsley.

Think both of these guys are gamers who would play at a high level if healthy. Listed here as low risk gambles.

CB Dre Kirkpatrick - He's 27. Played 1000 snaps for Cincy.

CB Micah Hyde - He's 26. Played 800 snaps with GB.

CB Trvein Wade - He's 28. Played 400 snaps for Big Blue.

I think it'll be interesting to see if all of them are overpaid. I'd be surprised if it was all of them excessively.

TE Levine Toilolo - He's 26. Played 500 snaps for Atl. Price goes up with SB.

Was gonna add TE Rivera from Oak, cause Tiololo gets the big game bounce. You don't wanna sign last years DT Malik Jackson, who went from Denv to Jags. Yikes.

WR/KR Cordarelle Patterson - He's 26. Played 500 snaps for Vikes.

We need playmakers. This kid came in with a rep for needing grooming, and he's looking to get paid. If he's a committed pro, he's a game breaker.

And last but not least -

LOT Riely Reiff - He's 28. Played 900 snaps with Lions at ROT. He's played all over Det's line. He played LOT so well, they wisely drafted Taylor Decker from Ohio St to move Reiff over to ROT. In other words, he aint a great LOT. But I think if he can be persuaded to come here and make a little more money as a LOT, he'd serve tow purposes. Be a had the fort guy for now, and free up the early part of the draft for other needs.

Thoughts welcomed. Tx.

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