And at #6 - LOT McGlinchy - ND

I wonder if Mac is gonna go off the reservation here and take this kid out of ND. I remember watching LOT Andrew Whitworth out of LSU at the combine. He looked athletic and yet was an afterthought. He's had an excellent career for Cincy and is the top rated LOT in FA.

McGlinchy isn't an afterthought, but he's not being talked about as a top 10 pick. I think that's gonna change. It'll be interesting to see how athletic he looks at the combine.

Mock with him -

1 - LOT McGlinchy

2 - OLB Andersen / S Melifonwu / CB of your choice

3 - Best available C / Edge / DB

4 - RB Matt Dayes NC State - This kid plays bigger than his size. Was running over guys at the SB. Gonna be a nice mid round pick for somebody.

5 - 6 - 7 - Take your pick in the true bingo phase. Two great picks in the 5th last year. Bears RB Jordan Howard and Titans WR Taje Sharpe.

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