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Geno Smith: Jets Return Isn’t Out of the Question

Baltimore Ravens v New York Jets Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Ian Rapoport caught up with soon to be free agent quarterback Geno Smith today as he continues his rehab from the ACL he tore in an October game against Baltimore.

Rapoport had a discussion with Geno about numerous topics, including what the future might hold in free agency. Geno did not rule out a potential return to the Jets. You can see the discussion here.

I’m not sure a reunion is necessarily likely. Both sides could probably use a fresh start. It hasn’t really worked out for anybody, and Geno has been very unlucky these last few years.

I don’t think it’s necessarily impossible, though. It isn’t that Geno is a great option, but the choices the Jets have are all some degree of terrible. It isn’t like Geno is worse than a number of the choices in front of the Jets. For his part, there probably won’t be many teams who can give him a legitimate chance to start. If the Jets come calling, maybe he will listen.

It probably won’t happen, but you can’t rule anything out completely.