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2017 NFL Draft Mailbag

We've been asking for your draft questions and today we're going to answer a couple.

East Carolina v Cincinnati Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Every Saturday between now and the draft, we're going to be taking your questions and answering them as best we can. All week I've been asking for you guys to submit your questions and today I'm going to select a handful to answer.

If you have a draft question for next week's mailbag, you can pop me an email or tweet me at @DavidWyattNFL

Now that's a nice situation to be sitting in Julian. I could see the Jets having an interest in picking all three. You know that If I were making the selection, I'd be all over Jamal Adams. Mix in his instincts, tackling and leadership and you have one hell of a player. I'd probably avoid Lattimore, I'm not saying he doesn't have the potential, but with so little experience, I'd feel very uncomfortable taking him with guys like Fournette and Adams on the board. If all three are available, in order of preference for the Jets...I'd go Adams, Fournette and then Lattimore.

Joe Romano asks: what position should Jets go in second round?

They could go in a number of directions Joe, and with the depth of this draft and the Jets holding a high selection, I almost consider this another first round pick. It of course depends on where we go in round one and what's available in round two, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them go offensive line in the second round. A couple of names to watch include Pat Elflein of Ohio State and Antonio Garcia from Troy. They could also look to pick up a corner at the top of the 2nd round, someone like Jalen Tabor from Florida could drop there.

Thanks for the question Chris. Honestly I'd be surprised if the Jets did select a QB at number 6. There are two reasons for that. One, I still think there are many within the Jets organisation who still believe in Hackenberg and I think it's much more likely that we see what he has this off-season while signing someone like Mike Glennon to give him competition. Two, I just don't see a QB worthy of being picked in the top 10 this year. I know that one or maybe even two will go there, but QB's always get overdrafted. Every QB coming out has significant questions against their name.

I have little doubt that the Jets will use resources to improve the offensive line this year, however I don't think they'll go all in on the offensive line in 2017 in terms of draft picks. I'm pretty confident that we'll try and pick up an offensive lineman with either our 2nd or 3rd round picks. However we have James Carpenter slated in at LG and Brian Winters holding down RG, and with so many other holes on this team, they'll spread the draft picks around positions groups in 2017. Could I see us taking two offensive lineman with our first four picks? Absolutely. I'd be very surprised if we spent 3 early round picks on the line, and astounded if we spent 4.

Trading down seems to be a popular strategy among fans, but you have to find a trade partner first, and I don't see many teams that would be open to trading up with us. You never know what could happen once the combine and interview process is out of the way, some teams fall head over heels with some prospects, so the Jets should 100% be open to trade consideration if it comes along on draft night. You look at someone like the Browns who now have 11 selections, they have the ammunition to move up.

Why not, I know people don't tend to like to give up draft picks, but if the Jets see value, then they should absolutely move up. I'd rather move up a couple of places by using a mid to late round pick to ensure we hit on someone our scouting department are sold on, than take some fliers on prospects we like but don't love.

Mike Talinsborough asks: "Give us a prospect you like that not many people are talking about"

I really like Carlos Henderson, the receiver out of Louisiana Tech. He's coming off a monster year in conference USA catching 82 balls for 1535 yards and 19 touchdowns, he also had a couple of touchdowns rushing the football and averaged 32.2 yards as a kick returner, as well as returning 2 kicks for touchdowns in 2016. He's got good speed, he gets in and out of his breaks cleanly and he has excellent hands. There are a few things that he needs to clear up, but overall he's an impressive player with a lot of talent who could help on special teams while he climbs the depth chart at receiver. If he runs around a 4.35 at the combine, which I think he's capable of...his stock will start to rise.