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Brett Kollmann on Jamal Adams

You know I love Jamal Adams, Brett does a superb job in his latest prospect video to explain why.

Southern Miss v LSU Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

I love being able to post an article like this...mainly because someone else has done all the hard work. Brett Kollmann is the film analyst over at our Houston Texans blog and he does some incredible work every year on draft prospects. Today he released a video on Jamal Adams. Now you don't need me to tell you how much I love Jamal, I mean just read any draft related article on GGN or follow my Twitter account for more than 24 hours. However Brett does a great job of highlighting it all on film.

If you care about the NFL Draft, you'll want to watch this video. Like I've been saying for a while now, this guy is going to be elite!