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Report: Jets View Jay Cutler as a Potential Option as a Bridge QB

NFL: Chicago Bears at New York Giants Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Jason LaCanfora has a story out today on Jay Cutler. It is not a particularly complimentary piece, noting Cutler’s glaring deficiencies. Despite his flaws, LaCanfora notes teams that could have potential interest, and the Jets are among them.

As to what his actual market might look like, let’s start with the Jets. As I first reported well before the Super Bowl, Jets execs have some interest in him as a bridge quarterback. They believe he can play in the elements that are a reality in the AFC East, and they like his moxie and arm talent. And that was well before the Jets hired Jeremy Bates as their quarterback coach. Bates worked with Cutler as a youngster with the Broncos and always has been a big believer in him. I thought long ago the Jets were a likely landing spot, but it will have to be at their price, especially after the Fitzpatrick disaster.

In some ways I hesitate to point to this story because of how people will likely overreact to seeing the name Cutler mentioned with the Jets. LaCanfora’s piece here is evenhanded and does not suggest Cutler will be the Jets’ first option. He won’t be a priority, and the team would need to get him at a reasonable cost.

I have long thought Cutler was one of the most overrated players in the league. The article goes into some detail explaining some of his big flaws.

If the Jets are to add a veteran quarterback, it is going to have to be somebody with flaws. Cutler is likely to be one of those many options.

My rule for any of these quarterbacks is that I can live with a contract as long as the Jets can get out of it within a year. I think any veteran signing where the Jets commit for two or more years is a mistake.