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Darrelle Revis’ Court Date Moved Back

Indianapolis Colts v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Darrelle Revis’ next court date for the charges he faces in Pittsburgh has been moved back to March 15.

This this process started, it has seemed very unlikely the this case would have a resolution before the Jets had to make a decision on Revis.

The real deadline to watch right here is March 10. That is the date the Jets owe Revis a $2 million bonus if he is on the roster. It is five days before this next court date so the team will have to decide a course of action.

Really the only course of action is to cut Revis. I don’t think this whole situation should have much of an impact because it was difficult to conceive of a reason to keep Revis around before it happened. The Jets need the cap relief cutting Revis provides, and they need to move on from a signing that has not panned out on the field.