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Jets Ranked 30th in Special Teams: Rick Gosselin Rankings

New York Jets v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

There were high hopes the Jets could turn around their beleaguered special teams unit in 2016. The team was dismal in 2015. The performance of the special teams was one of the biggest reasons the team narrowly missed the Playoffs.

The Jets brought in a new coordinator in Brant Boyer. Seventh round pick Lac Edwards and undrafted rookie Jalin Marshall generated some degree of buzz.

Ultimately, though, the Jets were let down by their special teams once again. It started in Week 1 as failures to convert an extra point and a short field goal loomed large in a one point loss to the Bengals. Two weeks later, Marshall fumbled away a return that was returned for an important touchdown in a loss to the Chiefs. Around the midway point of the season, the Jets seemed on the verge of a three game winning streak and pulling themselves out of a disastrous start when they lost a game to the Dolphins on a 96 yard kickoff return for a touchdown.

These were just a few of the examples of the special teams failures that once again plagued the team.

They are embodied in Rick Gosselin’s special teams rankings, where the Jets rate 30th for 2016.

Gosselin writes for the Dallas Morning News and compiles his rankings based on 22 categories each year. His rankings are widely respected in league circles. Bill Belichick has even been known to cite them at times.

The Jets’ most notably rated last in the league by allowing 24 points on special teams according to the rankings.

To get more about the rankings, you can click the link here.