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2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0 - Corner Heavy

I thought it was about time I released my first mock draft of the season. Looking at all 32 teams and their potential picks.

Texas A&M v Auburn Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

You can never please everyone when developing a mock draft. I learnt that hard lesson years ago. Years ago, I was only mocking players to the Jets in a 7 round mock. However this year, I've decided to take on the challenge of mocking players to each NFL team. We like to criticise the likes of McShay and Mayock, but let me tell you...this isn't easy.

I've looked through team needs and taken that into consideration, with a little best player available action as well. I left out any trades to avoid complication, although I'd be surprised if the Browns didn't try and put a package together to tempt the Patriots into sending the Jimmy G.

There are a couple of players I would have loved to included but just couldn't find a fit. After looking at this for some time, I will say that I think the 2017 NFL draft has the potential to have the most talent drafted in the 2nd round. For instance, I don't have Jabrill Peppers going here, or Malik McDowell, Deshone Kizer or Takkarist McKinley...There are simply too many players with first round talent.

1 - Cleveland Browns - Myles Garrett, DE (Texas A&M)

The Browns needs some defensive help and Myles Garrett is a special talent. I think the Browns would be absolute fools to consider anyone else. Garrett is a guy who can come in and contribute from day one, and getting a little pressure can help the other weakness of the Browns...their pass coverage. I don't think they'd consider trading this pick to get someone like Jimmy G, so Garrett has to be the selection.

2 - San Francisco 49'ers - Mitch Trubisky, QB (North Carolina)

I genuinely think that Mitch Trubisky is a very talented QB with a huge amount of potential. The problem is a lack of experience, so he'll need to go to a team who has the patience to develop him. Kyle Shanahan just got a 6 year contract in San Francisco, so he can afford to draft his QB of the future and let him develop for a year or two. Hell he may come in and surprise you straight away, but I wouldn't bet on it.

3 - Chicago Bears - DeShaun Watson, QB (Clemson)

In no way, shape or form, do I consider Watson a top 5 pick. However this is the NFL draft and players get overdrafted. Just think E.J Manuel ora number of others. Watson has some accuracy issues and his arm is questionable on deep throws, but he has that "It" factor. He's not as good as Winston, but he has that same winning mentality that teams will fall in love with. Why shouldn't it be the QB needy Bears.

4 - Jacksonville Jaguars - Jonathan Allen, DL (Alabama)

This one is a little BPA action as the Jaguars defensive line is actually quite strong. When you consider the production and play they got from Malik Jackson, Abry Jones and Sen'Derrick Marks...but Jonathan Allen is a true talent and value at this selection. It would really solidify that line for years to come. They could really do with an offensive lineman here, but no tackle should be drafted in the top 10 this year IMO.

5 - Tennessee Titans - Marshon Lattimore, CB (Ohio State)

The Titans really need help in the secondary. They allowed 286.6 passing yards per game which is truly awful. It's a position group that lacks talent and with their offense in the ascendancy, solidifying their pass D will go a long way to ensuring their fighting for a play-off place in 2017. Lattimore doesn't have a lot of experience, but he has a lot of talent. The Titans can afford to gamble on a player like Lattimore here.

6 - New York Jets - Jamal Adams, S (LSU)

I've got a feeling that this isn't going to be overly popular with the majority of Jets fans. I know it's another defensive player, but I just like the RB depth in this draft, I hate the OL options here and I think we can get better value at WR in rounds 2/3. So the choice came down to Adams or Hooker. I've said all along that I think Adams is a special talent, the kind of field general that every team wants. It may not be the most exciting pick, but I'd be thrilled if we could secure Adams.

7 - LA Chargers - Malik Hooker, S (Ohio State)

The Chargers were bang average in pass defense last year and Gus Bradley likes to play a single high safety coverage scheme which excels with a ball hawk. Enter Malik Hooker, who has some of the best hands I've seen at the position. They could be tempted by Mike Williams here, but I can see this combination of value and scheme fit being too tempting to pass up for the Chargers.

8 - Carolina Panthers - Solomon Thomas, DE (Stanford)

I don't think it's any secret that the Panthers could really do with an edge rusher to take their defense to the next level. I personally love Solomon Thomas's game, he's a nightmare to block, but he's also got an incredible football IQ that makes him one of the most rounded prospects in this draft. The Panthers love versatility on their defense and Thomas can play inside and out. If i were picking here for the Panthers and Thomas was available, I'd find it hard to pass up.

9 - Cincinnati Bengals - Reuben Foster, ILB (Alabama)

Like the Panthers selection, I have to imagine the Bengals would jump all over Foster if he made it this far. He's a complete three down backer, comfortable rushing the passer, playing the run or dropping into coverage. I would say he's the perfect fit for the Bengals with Vontaze Burfict and would instantly upgrade a defense who was largely average in some key categories last year.

10 - Buffalo Bills - Mike Williams, WR (Clemson)

The Bills are a tough call, mainly because we still don't know what they're doing with Tyrod Taylor. If they decide to move on from Taylor, a QB could be in play here. However I'm looking at it from where the team is right now. They could be tempted to reach for a lineman or take a defensive back like Sidney Jones, however they also need a number 1 receiver and Mike Williams is a special talent. He's a big target that any QB would be confident throwing to.

11 - New Orleans Saints - Derek Barnett, DE, (Tennessee)

The Saints always seem to have a top-class offense but a terrible to absolutely terrible defense. The window to win again with Drew is beginning to close (although his stats continue to say otherwise). Having a pass rusher who can disrupt on a consistent basis helps your defense no end. It helps your defensive line, your linebackers and your defensive backs. Barnett is one of those guys, 19 tackles for a loss and 13 sacks last year, he would instantly improve the Saints.

12 - Cleveland Browns - Sidney Jones, CB (Washington)

Like I said in my opening bit, I think the Browns may try and move this pick to the Patriots as part of a package to bring Jimmy G over and personally I'd say that was the right move. However if they stick here, I could see them taking a CB with their selection, and Sidney Jones is one of the best cover corners in this draft. Closing speed is elite and he's a physical guy who doesn't mind mixing it up. I think we can all agree that the Browns need a little fight in them.

13 - Arizona Cardinals - Corey Davis, WR (Western Michigan)

It seems as though the gap between Corey Davis and Mike Williams is closing by the second. Over 300 receptions and over 50 TD's in his college career, now that's impressive and I don't care what level he was at. The Cardinals could do with some extra talent at the wide receiver position, and we know how much they like their physical receivers to block (Fitzgerald) and Davis shows maximum effort on every snap, whether the ball is coming to him or not.

14 - Philadelphia Eagles - Zay Jones, WR (East Carolina)

You all know that I absolutely love Zay Jones. I think he's a star in the making and I really don't mind when people say this is too high for him. The Eagles could easily go CB here and I would see them taking White from LSU, but why wouldn't you give Carson Wentz a talent like Zay Jones to develop and grow with. It would give him a number 1 target to work with in the ultra competitive NFC East

15 - Indianapolis Colts - Leonard Fournette, RB (LSU)

The Colts could really do with a little offensive line help, Andrew Luck was under siege last year. However this is another BPA pick and a selection that would be too hard to pass up for a team who needs an RB for the future. Now it would surprise me if Fournette dropped this far, but I think it's possible. The Colts like to throw the ball, why wouldn't you with Luck...but if they go out and get some offensive line help in FA, having a guy like Fournette would open up the passing game even more.

16 - Baltimore Ravens - Tre'Davious White, CB (LSU)

The Ravens need cornerback help and I imagine that is the number one focus this off-season. Now White isn't the most physical corner in the world, but he does have experience working inside and out and he was left on an island a lot at LSU and he proved he's capable of handling that responsibility. He has excellent instincts and awareness and he'd be able to come in straight away and make the Ravens a better team.

17 - Washington Redskins - Dalvin Cook, RB (Florida State)

Now this is a pick that would make the Redskins extremely dangerous. Odds are they're going to keep Cousins, and they managed to move the ball well last year. Introducing a home-run threat to the backfield would make their offense a dynamic unit, think the Atlanta Falcons. Cook is an explosion athlete in that every time he touches the ball, it may end up as a TD. This represents great value and although it's not the WR a lot of Redskins fans want. it is helping Kirk Cousins.

18 - Tennessee Titans - O.J Howard, TE (Alabama)

Now I'm not a huge fan of O.J Howard, but I can easily see that he is one of the most athletic TE's in the country. I've never doubted his talent, just his passion. Now the Titans already have a great TE in Delanie Walker, but can you imagine having both of those guys in the formation? It would make covering them a nightmare and with Mariota's ability, they'd both get plenty of action to justify it. Too much value here to ignore.

19 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Taco Charlton, DE (Michigan)

20 - Denver Broncos - Ryan Ramcyzk, OT (Wisconsin)

It feels strange to get this far into the draft and have the first lineman being drafted. The Bronco's have a pretty good team over there in Denver, the one thing I'd say is they need to protect the QB better. I said it earlier in the off-season, Ryan Ramcyzk may have a few issues with D1 experience, and we'll have to see about the injury, but for me he's the best offensive line talent in this draft.

21 - Detroit Lions - Tim Williams, DE (Alabama)

The Lions need to find a consistent pass rush from somewhere. There are a couple of character issues with Williams, reports are he failed a couple of drug tests at Alabama and was arrested on a misdemeanor gun charge as well. However he combines a great motor, with core strength and incredible athleticism. Williams is a fantastic pass rusher, and if a team just allows him to pin his ears back and get after the QB, they'll get the production.

22 - Miami Dolphins - David Njoku, TE (Miami)

Miami has talent at the receiver position and they have inconsistent talent at the QB position as well. However adding an athletic TE like David Njoku could really send this team over the top (boo). He's big, he's extremely fast and he's incredibly strong. He'd cause mismatches in pretty much every game and if Tannehill gets him the ball, I wouldn't bet against him for the offensive rookie of the year award.

23 - New York Giants - Cam Robinson, OT (Alabama)

The Giants need some offensive line help and although I'm not enamoured with Robinson, I think he represents decent value here. They could go defensive line, but the Giants have some incredible playmakers so long as Eli has time to throw. I'm not sure Robinson is a LT in the NFL, but he can play RT and inside at guard to improve the Giants run game. This selection makes sense to me.

24 - Oakland Raiders - Marlon Humphrey, CB (Alabama)

The Raiders have really done a good job of upgrading the overall talent on their team, when you consider where they were a few years ago. However the defense still needs to catch up with the offence, so that's why I have them taking Humphrey. Now there is a lot of hesitation around the NFL when it comes to taking Alabama secondary players and that's understandable. However Humphrey has all the traits of a shut down corner, and he plays hard too, he'd fit in with Oakland perfectly.

25 - Houston Texans - Garrett Bowles, OT (Utah)

The Texans may be feeling the brunt of that Osweiler contract for years to come unless they see an improvement in 2017. Improving their offensive line will go a long way towards achieving that. Fuller and Hopkins give the Texans some excellent deep threats, but the pocket needs to hold to allow those to develop. Bowles has the best footwork of any tackle in this draft and would improve the Texans immediately.

26 - Seattle Seahawks - Quincy Wilson, CB (Florida)

The Seahawks could go in a number of directions here, and I wouldn't be surprised to see someone like Forrest Lamp in here. However I like the value here with Florida CB Quincy Wilson. He has good size and good length for the position and has a ton of experience from starting nearly 40 games in Florida. He's a confident (almost arrogant) player here but his experience is the aspect that has him here instead of teammate Teez Tabor.

27 - Kansas City Chiefs - Christian McCaffrey, RB (Stanford)

The Chiefs have been a model of consistency recently, but that hasn't resulted in much post-season action. We don't know what will happen with Charles. McCaffrey is a great option here as he can be used in the run game, but his hands allow him to be a very attractive option in the passing game, and we all know how much Alex Smith likes to dump the ball off.

28 - Dallas Cowboys - Teez Tabor, CB (Florida)

The Cowboys have a ton of talent on the offensive side of the ball, and I like their front 7 as well, the main area to improve for Dallas is at CB. Size and athleticism with good instincts and excellent ball skills. Who wouldn't want that on their roster? The Cowboys are only a couple of players away from being that Super Bowl team, and personally I think Tabor gets them closer.

29 - Green Bay Packers - Haason Reddick, LB (Temple)

Reddick is one of my favourite prospects in this draft. I thought about putting a RB here, but I just don't see the value and think the Packers can pick someone up late 2nd. 21.5 tackles for a loss in 2016, now that's elite stuff. He's explosive, with a good pass rush capability and the potential to be comfortable working in space. He's a first round talent in my book.

30 - Pittsburgh Steelers - Patrick Mahomes, QB (Texas Tech)

I'm not sure this is controversial or not. I don't think the Steelers have the QB of the future on the roster and Big Ben won't be around forever. Now is the time to get a guy in with huge potential who needs to sit and learn for a year or two. This is the perfect situation for both Mahomes and the Steelers. There would be no pressure on Mahomes in year one as he works on his footwork and overall mechanics.

31 - Atlanta Falcons - Forrest Lamp, OL (Western Kentucky)

The Falcons don't have a great deal of holes on the offensive side of the ball (or the defensive side for that matter), but they seriously could do with adding to that offensive line. If they give Matt Ryan the huge contract that is rumoured, it's probably wise to invest in some protection. If Ryan is the mansion, consider someone like Lamp the insure. Good value, good potential.

32 - New England Patriots - Ryan Anderson, OLB (Alabama)

The patriots always seem to find some hidden gems, well there is nothing hidden about Anderson. Ryan is a hard worker who does everything well, one of those prospects that doesn't blow you away, but who's extremely good at what he does. His hands are elite and he's a high energy, high motor guys. 18.5 tackles for a loss and 8.5 sacks in 2016, he'd make the Patriots even better.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, I'm sure there will be a lot of things people don't agree with, but it's always great to hear why. Pop your comments below and I'd really appreciate any shares on social. So which picks do you agree with, are there any picks that you think are crazy?