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NY Jets: The Importance of Self-Scouting

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

It is important to have the right pieces in the NFL. We talk plenty about whether a given team has enough talent. It can be just as important to properly assess the ability of the players you do have. This type of self-scouting sometimes falls under the radar, but it can have an impact on the team's fortunes.

I don't think the Jets' season was necessarily derailed by an inability to self-scout. The quarterback position is critical in the NFL, and the Jets got lousy play there. The shaky play of Bryce Petty indicates the Jets did not fail in their self-scouting of him. They were correct to not believe he was a starting caliber quarterback at least in his second season.

There are a few areas where the Jets failed in their self-scouting, though, and we talk about them on today's podcast. For this thing to turn around, the team needs to improve in this area.

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