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Rookie Review - Christian Hackenberg

Following a redshirt year for the 2nd rounder, fans will be expecting to see something in year two.

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Ed Mulholland/Getty Images

You'll have to forgive me if this is a shorter article than usual, unfortunately there isn't a much to say about Hackenberg's rookie year because he simply didn't play. Credit to the Jets, early on they stated that this would be a redshirt year for Hackenberg and despite the injuries and poor performance at the QB position, they stayed true to their word.

Hackberg's name has been dragged through the mud most of the year. A report surfacing here that the Jets don't have any faith in him, a report surfacing there that his accuracy was abysmal. Everyone knew that Hackenberg was a project coming in if you didn't know, you don't watch a lot of college football. Draft analysts had him going anywhere from the 2nd round (NFL) to not being drafted at all (PFF), and the Jets were accused of overdrafting him 51st overall.

The issue with Hackenberg is mechanics. His throwing motion changes constantly and his footwork is an absolute mess, which means his accuracy is all over the shop. He does have prototypical size and a great arm, and he performed well as a Freshman in Bill O'Brian's pro style offense. The problem is, he finished off his college career with two below average seasons for a guy who's being selected in the 2nd round.

He was drafted because the Jets thought they could fix him. Part of that plan was to allow him to sit and develop for a little while. It's easy to really get on Hackenberg, but he's one of the hardest working guys at the facility, I believe it was Marshall who said that when he got into the gym first thing in the morning, Hack was already there. He's been on Fitzpatrick's hip all year trying to learn.

It may never come together for Hackenberg. However he deserves a chance. He'll be learning a new system this year, and although that presents its own challenges, getting a consistent motion with consistent footwork should be priority number one for Hackenberg and new QB coach Jeremy Bates. Personally I'm not holding out much hope for Hackenberg in year two, I do just want to see some progress in pre-season though, as his 35.7 QB rating in the pre-season did nothing to silence his doubters.

If the Jets decide to draft a QB early in the 2017 NFL Draft, most will indicate the Hackenberg selection a mistake and proof that GM Mike Maccagnan is admitting as much. He was drafted as a project for the Jets to fix, a project is what we have.