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Rookie Review: Juston Burris

Burris flashed his potential late in the year, but remains largely a great unknown.

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

It's difficult to evaluate Juston Burris because he largely was resigned to special teams until the week 14 game against the San Francisco 49'ers. He was solid on specials and appeared in all 16 games for the Jets, but year two will be our first chance to really see him play significant minutes.

However in the limited action we did see, I thought he looked very solid. Over the final four games of the season, he totalled 5 tackles, 4 passes defended and 1 interception. He looked strong at the line and fluid when turning to cover. Coming out of college he was considered a good press corner with a smooth backpedal and we definitely saw that over the final weeks.

The Jets don't have a lot of talent in their secondary, there are big decisions to come on both Revis and Skrine, so I'm sure Burris will have every opportunity to compete for a starting spot in 2017. He flashed in pre-season, with Brandon Marshall and certain coaches singling him out for special praise. He flashed in training camp and through the summer. He then flashed at the end of the year when he was allowed to play significant minutes. He has potential, but at the moment...that's all it is because we haven't seen enough.

He played 88% of the snaps against the 49'ers, 85% against the Dolphins, 50% against the Patriots and then sparingly in the season finale due to an injury.

Burris is the kind of corner that Todd Bowles will love, he comfortably plays press and then has the fluidity to shadow receivers down field. I actually thought there were a number of plays where he just flat out took the receiver out of the game. I'll admit I'm pretty excited about Burris in year two, and with the Jets seemingly moving towards a youth movement, I'd tip him to be starting on the outside come the first game of the 2017/18 season.