New 7 Round Mock - "Off-the-beaten-path" Selections

As I keep reading mock draft after mock draft, I find myself getting bored. It seems to be the same 3 or 4 players in each round and the same ensuing disagreements in the comments sections. So I offer to you, Gang Green Nation, a mock draft of players that have not been typically mocked to the Jets. They aren't picks that I would necessarily make, but they are picks that I wouldn't be upset with either. The names of the players are linked to their NFL Draft Profile for your convenience if you want a more in-depth look at the player. Lets jump in!

Round 1: O.J. Howard TE, Alabama - The hands-down best TE in this draft. New OC John Morton was chosen, in part, because he plans to feature the TE in the offense more. Howard is big, strong, and athletic with great run blocking skills an probably the best hands of any TE in the class. He provides whoever is at QB with a big and secure option. It's hard to justify taking a TE with the 6th pick from a value standpoint, but Howard is the best to come out in years.

Round 2: Budda Baker S, Washington - Baker's been rising all year on draft boards and for good reason. In a Huskies' defensed studded with star players, Baker out shined most of them them, save for Sidney Jones. He's a bit undersized at 5-10 190lbs, but he makes up for it with aggressive play style and great balls skills. He's a day 1 starter that could probably man either Safety spot, and has even received comparisons to Bob Sanders on the field. If not for his size, he's almost be a top 20 selection.

Round 3: Nathan Peterman QB, Pittsburgh - Peterman made himself a lot of money down in Mobile, AL at the Senior Bowl. He had a solid week of practice and looked sharp and on point at the game. Before that, Id never seen him play and hadn't liked what I read on him. If there's a non-1st round QB in this draft who is going to develop into a good NFL QB, after watching what I have on him, I think it's Peterman. Good size at 6'3 225lbs, big hands, pocket awareness, tremendous accuracy, and poise. He may not have the cannon arm of a Kizer or Mahomes, he may not have the mobility and pedigree of a Watson, but he has the little things that are so hard to teach a QB. He need to work on keeping his delivery consistent and will probably take a little time to catch up to NFL speed, but I like him more and more every time I watch him.

Round 4 (Compensatory Pick): Marlon Mack HB, USF - I'm a firm believer that every offense needs a true home-runthreat, a guy who can walk out on to the field at any point in game, have the ball put in in his hands, and have a legitimate shot to end up in the endzone. Mack is that player. He's fast, patient, agile, and has a way to sneak out of any tackle at any time. To double his value- if you can coach him up to teach him how to run between the tackles consistently and hold on to the ball, you might just have yourself a 3 down running back.

Round 5: Taywan Taylor WR, Western Kentucky - Taylor has been on the rise for weeks now, and I wouldn't be shocked if by draft day, he moves up into the Rd 3 conversation. You'll never mistake Taylor for a team's #1 receiver, but man is he dangerous from the slot. He's smaller at 5'11 190lbs, but he's a quick twitch athlete with great route running ability that can take it home after the catch. He beats press man coverage with his agility and quickness too. Things keeping him down are that he hears footsteps over the middle and his college tape is mostly made of short routes and screen passes.

Round 6: Ejuan Price EDGE, Pittsburgh - No, I'm not a Pitt fan, it's just happenstance that 2 players from the school fall into this mock. Price is the ultimate late round sleeper pick at the Edge Rusher position, and is actually I guy Id very much love the Jets to draft. He's a bit short at 6'0, but he makes up for it with great strength and amazing quickness. He comes into the league already with an array of pass rushing moves. If not for his height and frequent injury history, he'd be in the conversation as a round 1 selection.

Round 7: Jeremy Cutrer CB, MTSU - Most people don't know about Jeremy Cutrer, in fact I cannot remember for the life of me how I even came across his name. That might change soon, seeing how Cutrer has all the tools you look for in CB. He's tall with long arms at 6'2, he's fast, he has multiple years of starting experience, he has tremendous production, and has the awards and accolades to prove it. Keep an ear out for his name as the draft process moves along.

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