Future for OLB Mauldin

I like Mauldin. His back story and the way he plays. Problem is, last year he was given every chance to take over an OLB spot and he couldn't hold onto it. I don't blame him. I don't think it's what he does best.

What he does best, is rush the passer. I checked on Elvis Dumerville, to compare size. He's listed at 5-11, 245. Malden is listed at 6-4 260. Dumerville could rush the passer.

I think it would be wise to take the former 3rd rounder and turn him into a strictly situational pass rusher. Stand up, or hand in the dirt. That may sound obvious, but it's the exact opposite of last years experiment. You can't blame them for that. There's only one way to find out if a guy can play.

Jenkins is a starting OLB. Another draft pick this year to play opposite him will free up Maudlin to do what he does best. And what this team needs more of. Sacks.

BTW - I keep talking about OLB Ryan Andersen in the 2nd. I can't see him getting there. I don't think he gets by the Giants or the Pats in the 1st.

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