Cut Buster Skrine?


A lot of posters and comments have recommended cutting Buster Skrine, among others, to save cap space and use it elsewhere. This does not make sense for a few reasons:

1. We are correctly cutting Darrelle Revis. At a minimum he won't be playing cornerback. This leaves us, in my best guess, Darryl Roberts, Juston Burris and Marcus Williams as our top three cornerbacks at this point in time. Where keeping experienced veterans at receiver and offensive line is thought to be wise, it's not being valued here. We are left with a lot of inexperience if Skrine goes.

2. We can't replace Skrine with another veteran easily. He's owed $8.5 million for 2017, $5 million of which is dead money if we cut him. In other words if we sign a veteran to take Skrines place we have to pay the new player and still lose the $5 million in cap space.

3. Even though I don't think Skrine has been a great player, I still feel more comfortable with him out there over all three of the younger players, playing inside or outside. Why create an unnecessary downgrade at a position with so little reason to do it.

If I'm Macc I roll with Skrine one more year, and concentrate on other problems. We have many needs, why create one more problem by cutting Skrine when the upside to doing it is so limited?

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