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Jets Week 14 Rooting Guide

Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

With the Jets in the Playoff mix, there will be some scoreboard watching this weekend. Here are the best outcomes for the Jets.

Indianapolis over Buffalo: The Bills are currently a game ahead of the Jets in the postseason chase. The Colts aren’t in the Playoff mix so this one is pretty simple.

Oakland over Kansas City: The Jets are a game behind three teams in the AFC West, Oakland, Kansas City, and Los Angeles. One of those three teams will win the division. For the Jets’ purposes it would be best if that team is Oakland. The Jets have a head-to-head loss to the Raiders. They have a head-to-head win against the Chiefs and an upcoming game against the Chargers. This is purely about tiebreakers. You want to compete against teams you have defeated, not teams who have defeated you.

Chicago over Cincinnati: The Bengals are tied with the Jets at the moment. Unlike other games, there is no harm done when an NFC team beats a competitor.

Washington over Los Angeles: The Chargers are a game ahead of the Jets. Again, an NFC team winning would have no negative ramifications for the Jets.

Arizona over Tennessee: The Jets probably won’t catch the Titans, but there is an outside chance of a collapse, and no harm is done by Arizona winning.

Seattle over Jacksonville: Substitute the Jaguars for the Titans and Seattle for Arizona.

Pittsburgh over Baltimore: The Ravens currently hold the sixth and final Playoff spot and are two games in front of the Jets so they need to start losing.

New England over Miami: Normally this is a, “Who wins? Who cares?” game, but the Jets are competing directly with the Dolphins for a postseason spot. They are not competing with New England.