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Jets film review: Jamal Adams’ dropped interception was also great coverage

Carolina Panthers v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Many have noted that Jets rookie safety Jamal Adams stood out on two plays in Sunday’s victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, and neither was positive. One was his missed tackle on Alex Smith’s 70 yard run. The other was a dropped interception on the Chiefs’ final drive.

The missed tackle on Smith was indeed brutal. The Jets lost a lot of yardage as a result.

The dropped interception? That is a bit of a different story upon further review. I came away really impressed by what Adams did on the play.

If you look at what is happening as the ball is thrown, the receiver is wide open having settled into a hole in the zone.

This pass is incomplete primarily because Adams shows great recognition and makes a superb break on the ball.

If you only saw the television angle, it might have seemed like this pass was put right into Adams’ hands, and he dropped it. It seems to me, though, like Adams made a really good play even getting to the ball. Yes, it would be nice to see him catch that, but the job he did was still a win for the Jets. Adams turned a completion and a critical first down into an incompletion.