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NFL playoff picture: Steelers victory over Bengals moves Jets into 10th place in AFC

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals last night 23-20. The Pittsburgh win helped the Jets in the race for the final spot in the AFC Playoffs. Cincinnati entered the game half a game in front of the Jets and a few other teams.

The defeat dropped the Bengals to 12th place in the conference after tiebreakers kicked in. The Jets moved up to 10th place in the conference. They remain two games behind Baltimore for the sixth and final postseason spot in the AFC with just four remaining. They also will need to pass Buffalo and two teams from the AFC West so things remain fairly dicey. This Monday Night game did help a bit, though. The Jets entered the week in 12th place. They leave it in 10th place so there was at least some positive movement.

The full current AFC standings are posted below for your viewing pleasure.

  1. Steelers 10-2
  2. Patriots 10-2
  3. Titans 8-4
  4. Chiefs 6-6
  5. Jaguars 8-4
  6. Ravens 7-5
  7. Chargers 6-6
  8. Bills 6-6
  9. Raiders 6-6
  10. Jets 5-7
  11. Dolphins 5-7
  12. Bengals 5-7
  13. Texans 4-8
  14. Colts 3-9
  15. Broncos 3-9
  16. Browns 0-12