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Jets-Chiefs recap

Kansas City Chiefs v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Jets got back into the win column on Sunday. New York defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 38-31 at MetLife Stadium. The Jets are now 5-7. The Playoffs still seem like a longshot, but hopes at least remain alive. When you hear the names Josh McCown and Alex Smith as the starting quarterbacks, I am not sure a shootout is the most likely outcome. That was what we got. Today's podcast looks back at a wild game in the Meadowlands.

This game showed us the difference between the 2016 Jets and the 2017 Jets. After a quick start for Kansas City, the Jets settled into the game. This one did not get away from them the way so many games did a year ago. With the offense locked in, the Jets made it a game.

There was one way this team resembled last year's squad, poor pass defense. Ultimately, the Jets overcame it and won the game by avoiding the killer mistakes that have plagued their fourth quarters all season. In this game, the Chiefs would make the big errors.

We talk about it all on today's show.