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2018 NFL Draft Order: Jets Own the Sixth Pick in the First Round

2017 NFL Draft Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

The season is over for the Jets, and we now know the selection they own in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. It is familiar real estate.

The Jets have the sixth pick in the first round. This marks the second straight year the Jets have pick six, the third time in four years, and the fourth time in eleven years.

Recent selections for the Jets at number six are Vernon Gholston in 2008, Leonard Williams in 2015, and Jamal Adams in 2017.

The season started off on a promising note with the Jets 3-2, but the team finished 2017 losing nine of its final eleven games, including the last four in a row to finish near the bottom of the league standings once again.

The Broncos, Bears, and Buccaneers tied with the Jets at 5-11 for the fifth pick. The Broncos won the tiebreaker by facing the weakest strength of schedule. The Jets had the second weakest of the group so they landed the sixth pick.

The up to date first round order is posted below. The last twelve selections will be determined by the results of Playoff games.

  1. Browns 0-16
  2. Giants 3-13
  3. Colts 4-12
  4. Browns (from Texans 4-12)
  5. Broncos 5-11
  6. Jets 5-11
  7. Buccaneers 5-11
  8. Bears 5-11
  9. 49ers/Raiders 6-10
  10. 49ers/Raiders 6-10 (picks 9 and 10 will be decided by a coin toss)
  11. Dolphins 6-10
  12. Bengals 7-9
  13. Redskins 7-9
  14. Packers 7-9
  15. Cardinals 8-8
  16. Ravens 9-7
  17. Chargers 9-7
  18. Seahawks 9-7
  19. Cowboys 9-7
  20. Lions 9-7