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Final Score: Patriots 26, Jets 6

Failure in Frozen Foxboro

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The New York Jets ended their 2017 NFL season with a 26 - 6 loss to the division rival New England Patriots. The loss was the Jets’ 9th in their last 11 games and dropped the Jets to a 5-11 final record on the season.

Today’s game marked another chance for Bryce Petty to prove himself as an NFL quarterback, as Christian Hackenberg once again did not take a snap, and it was not pretty. When your defense holds Tom Brady below 50% completion percentage and below 200 yards passing you’re supposed to have a chance to win the game. Unfortunately for the Jets, cornerback Juston Burris and quarterback Bryce Petty made sure that never happened. Burris pretty much gave up a completion or a penalty every time he was targeted. And Petty put on another incompetent performance. His final stats of 19 completions on 36 attempts for 232 yards and a 73 passer rating do not look completely awful. But Petty was in fact completely awful. The Jets scored six points, largely because Petty could not find his receivers when it counted. The Jets offensive line and running game did him no favors, but this offensive incompetence was largely on Petty. His mechanics were again a mess, his accuracy was awful, and in a game in which the Jets defense limited the potent Patriots offense to 24 points (two points scored on a safety), Petty’s ineptitude made it feel like the Jets at no point had a legitimate chance to win.

Mourn or celebrate below, depending on your disposition. We’ll have the game recap up later this evening.