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Jets vs Patriots Game Day Forecast

AFC Divisional Playoffs: Titans v Patriots

The New York Jets will travel to Gillette Stadium in frozen Foxboro, Massachusetts to take on the New England Patriots and close out the Jets 2017 season today at 1:00 pm EST. The weather in Foxboro will be brutally cold. Skies will be bright and sunny and there will be a brisk breeze out of the west northwest at about 10 to 15 mph throughout the game. Temperatures will hover in the low teens with wind chills below zero throughout the game. This will be an extremely difficult environment for football, particularly for the passing game. Humidity will be low in the upper 30s. There will be a near zero percent chance of precipitation. Neither players nor fans will enjoy the weather conditions this Sunday. This will be bitter, brutal weather conditions. For fans attending the game bundling up and then bundling up on top of that will be essential.

For those watching the game at home, temperatures will be steady around 70, no sun will be visible, and there will be a zero percent chance of precipitation.

Enjoy the game everybody.