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Scouting The 2018 NFL Draft: Top 6 QB In Action - Sam Darnold

Come watch Sam Darnold with us.

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Championship-Southern California vs Stanford John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, Mason Rudolph did not disappoint draft fans. He came alive versus a very good Virginia Tech defense. One game shouldn’t effect someone’s draft stock too much, but rather confirms how I felt all along that he is a late 1st rounder. Tonight we get to see the darling child of the draft. He has yet to declare, but if he does you can guarantee he will be up for consideration for the Jets. It is my opinion that Darnold is a very talented QB that needs to work on his footwork and release. I would say most of his turnovers were the result of this. I like the way Bates and Morten worked with Hack on his mechanics. Unfortunately for us, that was the least of Hack’s problems. For Darnold, that might be all he needs to become great. You can watch Sam Darnold and the USC Trojans VS Ohio State on ESPN at 8:30 PM EST