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Looking to Jets offseason needs

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Only two weeks remain in the 2017 season for the New York Jets. As you know by now, there will be no postseason for this team for a seventh consecutive season. While the team will look to put wins on the board to improve its final record, the Jets will have a losing record for the second straight season, the third time in four seasons, and the fourth time in six seasons.

Clearly a lot needs to be fixed. While this team is probably more than one offseason away from eliminating all of its problems, it is not too early to start looking. GangGreeninYonkers joins our show once again for a discussion of Jets needs heading into the offseason. The biggest needs seem to fall at the premium positions. This team really doesn't have much at the most important positions on the field, even if you get past the obvious need at quarterback.

Tune in as we discuss Jets needs, philosophy regarding positional value, and strategies for holiday shopping.