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NFL power rankings 2017, Week 16: Jets are (mostly) number 25

New York Jets vs New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The Jets are near the bottom of the league in this week’s edition of power rankings with most of them putting Gang Green at number 25.

SB Nation

27. New York Jets

Washington Post

25. New York Jets

Bryce Petty had his chance. Isn’t it time to give second-year QB Christian Hackenberg a look?

Yahoo Sports

25. New York Jets

Nobody would have thought twice had the Jets laid down against the Saints, especially with Bryce Petty at quarterback. Instead, they were in the game most of the time. A late touchdown by Mark Ingram made the final score 31-19, but the game was a lot close throughout. That matters, especially when you realize that the players are still playing very hard for coach Todd Bowles.


25. New York Jets

(Matt) Forte's two career Pro Bowls might seem low for a guy who recorded at least 1,000 scrimmage yards in his first nine NFL seasons. He's unlikely to reach that mark again this year, though. He'll need 352 yards over the final two games to reach the mark again.

Bleacher Report

30. New York Jets