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Bryce Petty Will Remain Jets Starting QB

NFL: New York Jets at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It got a bit lost in the shuffle on Sunday, but Jets head coach Todd Bowles committed to sticking with Bryce Petty as his starting quarterback even after the third year player had a rough go of things in New Orleans.

At this point, it really doesn’t matter which quarterback starts for the Jets. They probably aren’t getting a good performance.

If they wanted to throw Christian Hackenberg out there to get him experience, they could justify it. But we all know Hackenberg wouldn’t be able to function any better than Petty did on Sunday. In training camp and the preseason, Hackenberg looked just as lost as Petty did against the Saints. The difference was the competition level was much lower.

There isn’t going to be much gained or learned about the quarterback position over the next two weeks. Weeks 16 and 17 are simply a mechanism to get the Jets to 2018.