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Jets Week 15 Anti-Game Ball: Bryce Petty

NFL: New York Jets at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lost, which makes it our sad duty to give out the anti-game ball.

When we give out the anti-game ball we try to follow two rules. Whenever possible, we try to avoid giving it to the quarterback or to repeat winners.

Following those guidelines is simply not possible this week. Darron Lee, who would have been a repeat winner, put himself in the mix, but this game was all about the quarterback.

Bryce Petty did not look up to the task of starting an NFL game. He didn’t even complete half of his passes and averaged under 5 yards per attempt. Even routine passes turned into adventures.

There actually was a chance for the Jets to take control of the game. The defense had a brilliant stretch spanning between the middle of the second and fourth quarters where the Saints struggled to get anything going on offense.

Petty couldn’t take advantage. His game was an ugly cocktail of poor mechanics, inaccuracy, bad reads, and predetermined throws. A team can’t win with that type of quarterback play.

That is why Bryce Petty gets my anti-game ball. Who gets yours?