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Jets Eliminated From Playoff Contention

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at New York Jets Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

With today’s loss to the New Orleans Saints the New York Jets assured themselves of a second consecutive losing season. The last time the Jets had two consecutive losing seasons was 1995-1996, the short lived Kotite Era. The Jets also were mathematically eliminated from playoff contention with today’s loss. The Jets have now gone seven consecutive seasons, from 2011 through 2017, without a playoff berth. The last time that happened Jimmy Carter was President of the United States.

In an organization known for its long bouts of futility the current run of mediocrity is beginning to threaten to set a new standard. The longest streak of losing seasons in the history of the Jets franchise began when John F. Kennedy was President. In the four years from 1962 through 1965 the Titans/Jets finished with five wins each season.

The longest this organization has ever gone without a playoff berth was the 11 year period from 1970 through 1980, a dismal stretch when the Jets never had a winning record (but finished .500 four different times).

Those records are still a ways off. For now. Time will tell if you will one day look back and tell your grandkids, or your kids will tell your great grandkids, about the time way back in the 2010s when the Jets reached an all time low, and let them know they aren’t real Jets fans until they suffered through a lost decade and then some, like you did.