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Jets-Saints final score: Bryce Petty flounders as Jets fall 31-19 in New Orleans

NFL: New York Jets at New Orleans Saints Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets will have a losing record in 2017. New York clinched that dubious outcome in today’s 31-19 loss in New Orleans to the Saints to fall to 5-9.

This game had the look of a blowout early, but the Jets played a surprisingly competitive game. After a nightmare start defensively, the Jets defense took over the game and shut down the New Orleans offense from the midway point of the second quarter until the midway point of the fourth quarter. The Saints were held off the board and struggled to even generate first downs.

This along with three turnovers both kept the Jets in the game and gave the offense an opportunity to take the lead. The unit was not up to the task.

Sometimes the quarterback gets too much blame for a loss. Today is not one of those times. I think it is fair to say the Jets lost this game because of Bryce Petty. None of the flaws Petty showed in his dismal showing in late 2016 looked improved at all. He was predetermining reads, not seeing open receivers, throwing erratically, and looked like a mechanical mess. Halfway decent quarterback play could have meant an upset win for the Jets today. They didn’t get it. If this was Petty’s audition to convince the Jets he could be in the mix in the future, he did not succeed.

Even cosmetic stat padding against prevent defenses left Petty with a dismal 19 for 39, 179 yard stat line.

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