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Bears vs Lions Game Thread

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In a NFC North matchup the 4-9 Chicago Bears travel to Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan to take on the 7-6 Detroit Lions.

The Chicago Bears come into the game losers of five out of their last six games, but they own a few impressive victories this year against the Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens. Jets fans should be rooting for a Bears win, as that combined with another win next week against the hapless Cleveland Browns could put the Bears behind the Jets in the 2018 NFL draft.

The Detroit Lions come into this game winners of four of their last six games, still on the periphery of the NFC playoff race, and desperate for a win to keep their hopes alive.

It's the Bears and the Lions in a Saturday showdown missing only the Bengals for the full Oz treatment.

Enjoy the game everybody. As always we ask that you neither ask for nor post illegal streaming links.