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Jets have no plans to play Christian Hackenberg in final three games

NFL: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Even at 5-8, Jets head coach Todd Bowles indicated on Wednesday that he has no plans to play quarterback Christian Hackenberg over the season’s last three weeks.

On if the team plans on playing Christian Hackenberg at some point in the final three games…

Not right now, no.

On if Hackenberg will only receive a chance in the event of injury or poor performance…

We’ll see. Right now, Bryce is our starter.

On why there is currently no thought of playing Hackenberg…

Because Bryce is our starter. Bryce is the next man up. We have people at every position that want to play. We’re not jumping people over people just to play considering anything. Bryce is our starter.

We will see whether Bowles’ answer changes once the Jets are officially eliminated from the Playoffs. Last year the Jets would not even start Hackenberg in a meaningless Week 17 game.

Petty beating out Hackenberg for the second quarterback spot in the preseason might have made a statement about the Penn State product’s future with the team. If Hackenberg doesn’t even get a look over the last three weeks, it would speak volumes about how the Jets view him.