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WATCH: Josh McCown gets emotional talking about broken hand

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Jets quarterback Josh McCown suffered a broken hand in today’s loss to the Denver Broncos. McCown was emotional discussing the injury with the media after the game.

It is very rare we get such a clear look into the human side of the game. Every week we watch these guys take the field, but it is easy to forget these are people. The Jets take the field each year, but faces change.

McCown is closer to the end of the line than he is the beginning. He has had a long and interesting career. Although it is a distinct possibility the Jets could look to bring him back next season, I get the sense part of the emotion is based on that uncertainty. It is possible he left an NFL field for the last time as a player today.

It isn’t so easy to have a career in the National Football League.