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Jets-Broncos Final Score: Jets Blown Out in Denver 23-0

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

The Jets fell to 5-8 today as they were blown out by the Broncos in Denver. New York came into this game as a Playoff longshot. Any such hopes are probably now gone.

The Jets did not even gain 100 yards of total offense. Josh McCown was knocked out of the game twice due to injury. Bryce Petty replaced him and finished the game. Regardless of McCown’s injury status, we have probably reached the point at 5-8 where it is time to give Petty three starts along with the practice reps with the first team to get him some experience.

When I was watching this game, two things entered my mind. I think most teams have one game each season where nothing goes right. They can’t get anything going on offense. They can’t get the big stop on defense. They can’t capitalize when the other team offers a gift. The Jets had that game today.

I also felt all week like people were getting it wrong in saying the Jets should win this game. The Jets were playing better football, but if you line these teams up player for player, the Broncos are the more talented team. On a neutral field, I think Denver would win more than they lose against the Jets. And they were at home today.

The Jets might not be as bad as people thought they would be, but they are still a bad team. Today was a reminder.

We will have more later. Discuss the loss below.