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Jets-Broncos Second Half Thread

New York Jets v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The Jets trail the Broncos 13-0 at halftime of this Week 14 game in Denver.

In some ways it feels like the Jets are lucky to even be in this game. The Denver offense has squandered some opportunities as Trevor Siemian has looked erratic. Against a better offense, this game would already be over.

Offensively this was an ugly half. The Jets head to the locker room with only 40 yards in the first half. Josh McCown had 3 completions against 2 turnovers. They could not run block or pass protect effectively. You will not see many worse offensive halves of football than the display the Jets put on in the first half. McCown was briefly knocked out of the game after being hit on a scramble. He returned to throw an interception.

Hopefully the Jets can figure out something in the locker room. They are amazingly one play away from being right back in this game and one play away from being on the road to Blowout City.