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A Historical Timeline of #JetsDanceToAnything

NFL: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets didn’t just win their game Thursday night against the Buffalo Bills. They won the internet with the hashtag #JetsDanceToAnything.

It started Thursday night when the defense danced during a timeout.

When the whole squad’s lit...

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And an internet sensation was born. Over the last few days, the internet has added to the playlist with #JetsDanceToAnything.

We have the Peanuts theme.

Hall and Oates

Saved by the Bell

To get you into the holiday spirit.

And many others you can check out online.

Todd Bowles is not impressed, however.

On if he coached the dance moves on defense that were shown on Thursday night…

No, hopefully I didn’t coach those. They’re interesting. They do it a lot in practice. Not one of them could’ve been a soul train dancer, but that’s alright.

Jamal Adams has apparently impressed his teammates with more than his on field play and leadership.

Demario Davis, however, is not amused with the praise for the rookie.