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Scattered Jets Thoughts

Buffalo Bills v New York Jet Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Week 9 of the NFL season was the rare football Sunday without the Jets. It was the best kind of weekend. The Jets notched a win early so everybody got to enjoy a stress-free weekend of football watching. Hopefully you enjoyed Week 9.

Without a game to break down on this Monday, we turn our attention on the podcast elsewhere. On today's show we provide some scattered thoughts on the Jets and the NFL.

The Jets quietly entered what could be an important period of their season. Few are talking about it, but this stretch is a bit of a gift from the schedule makers. Speaking of schedule makers, it is important to avoid absolute statements about games weeks ahead of time. The difficulty of those games can change rapidly. In these upcoming games, the performance of certain players will be worth watching both for how it will impact the team on the field and how it may impact the Jets' contract offers. We discuss one such player. Finally, we have to talk about the Giants.