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NFL Week 9 Open Thread

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

The Jets do not play today. They are already in the clubhouse in Week 9 with a victory over the Buffalo Bills Thursday night. That means you get a stress free day to watch the NFL.

The early games are Atlanta at Carolina, Indianapolis at Houston, Cincinnati at Jacksonville, Tampa Bay at New Orleans, the Rams at the Giants, Denver at Philadelphia, and Baltimore at Tennessee.

The late games are Arizona at San Francisco, Washington at Seattle, and Kansas City at Dallas.

Discuss what happens on the field below.

Which matchups do you find interesting? Which game do you think matters the most from a Jets perspective? Which players are you interested in watching? Let us know.

As always, we kindly request that you refrain both from requesting and producing links to illegal broadcasts of NFL games streamed over the internet. Thank you one again for complying with this kind request.