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Robby Anderson is surprising us in a good way

NFL: Carolina Panthers at New York Jets TODAY NETWORK

Each week SB Nation team sites are asked a question. This week we have been asked one thing we did not expect from our team this season.

When it comes to the Jets, there are a number of possible options. It has been a season with a number of unexpected happenings both positive and negative.

In the name of positivity, I am going to pick the pace Robby Anderson is on. The second year receiver from Temple is on pace for over 1,000 yards. Heading into the season (and especially after the injury to Quincy Enunwa), this group of wide receivers was projected by many to be the worst in the NFL. The wide receiver position has largely lived up to that billing, but Anderson is a clear exception. The fact he has been able to succeed to this extent without much around him and with a quarterback who has frequently not looked in his direction when open is exciting when thinking about his future prospects.

Last year Anderson put up impressive stats for an undrafted rookie. But they were only impressive for an undrafted rookie. It wasn’t clear how good Anderson could be. This year we have seen genuine development in some aspects of his game such as getting clean releases off the line, no small deal for a receiver of his size.

The other thing about Anderson is he isn’t a complete receiver. He is mainly a deep route runner at this point. In one context you might think that as a bad thing, but think of it this way. He is having this kind of success with a limited repertoire. Imagine how productive he can become if he develops a more diverse route tree.

Robby Anderson is a nice surprise in a rough season.