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Welcome Back Mo

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at New York Jets Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

What a difference a couple of weeks makes. A couple of weeks ago Muhammad Wilkerson was being left for dead. I should know, I buried him. Now, in keeping with the Halloween season, Mo has risen from the grave and re-staked his claim as one of the best defensive linemen in the game. He is terrorizing quarterbacks. He is penetrating in the run game. He is batting down passes. In short, Muhammad Wilkerson is looking every bit like the Pro Bowl player we used to know.

A couple of weeks ago Muhammad Wilkerson was putting the finishing touches on a brutal stretch of nearly a season and a half of being virtually invisible on the field. At times tight ends blocked him and won the battle. Mo was looking like he was done. It was a fall from grace of Revisian proportions. And I killed him for it. Thank you Mo for proving me dead wrong.

The timing of Mo’s revival may be a bit suspicious. We can still wonder if he can be trusted once his 2018 salary becomes guaranteed, if it ever does. But for now, we are all Jets fans, and Mo is making watching the Jets fun.

Welcome back Mo. I don’t know how you did it, and for now I don’t care. For now I’m just going to scarf down a delicious slice of humble pie and enjoy the revival of the Mo Show, alive again and lovin’ it.