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2018 NFL Draft order: Jets currently occupy 8th pick

Carolina Panthers v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

With twelve weeks of the 2017 NFL season in the books, the Jets are currently in line to get the eighth pick. The glow of a surprising first five weeks has started to wear off. Struggling and facing a pretty difficult schedule to finish the season, the Jets are now much more likely to finish with a top ten pick than they are to make the Playoffs. The question now becomes how high of a pick the team will ultimately get.

The Jets are part of a four-way tie at 4-7. Cleveland would own the seventh pick (which was originally Houston’s pick) because the Texans have a worse strength of schedule than the Jets. The Jets pick ahead of Miami and Tampa Bay because their strength of schedule is worse.

Denver, Indianapolis, and Chicago sit at 3-8 just one game “ahead” of the Jets in the race for 2018 NFL Draft positioning.

The current standings are below.

  1. Cleveland 0-11
  2. San Francisco 1-10
  3. Giants 2-9
  4. Denver 3-8
  5. Indianapolis 3-8
  6. Chicago 3-8
  7. Cleveland (from Houston 4-7)
  8. Jets 4-7
  9. Miami 4-7
  10. Tampa Bay 4-7
  11. Chargers 5-6
  12. Cincinnati 5-6
  13. Arizona 5-6
  14. Oakland 5-6
  15. Dallas 5-6
  16. Washington 5-6
  17. Green Bay 5-6
  18. Buffalo 6-5
  19. Detroit 6-5
  20. Seattle 7-4