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AFC playoff picture: Jets fall to 12th place in conference

Carolina Panthers v New York Jets Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

This weekend was not good to the Jets. During their bye week, the Jets actually improved their positioning from 10th to 9th place in the AFC standings.

Inactivity was apparently better than playing for the Jets. Their loss coupled with other action in the AFC dropped them to 12th place in the conference standings. The Monday night game still needs to be played, and will have an impact on the conference standings.

The Jets now find themselves two full games behind the final postseason spot in the conference with only five to play. It isn’t just the distance. The Jets also need to pass six teams to get to that spot.

None of this matters anyway unless the Jets start winning games. That early season winning streak is looking like a mirage more and more as time passes.

It would be fair to say things look bleak at the moment.

The full AFC standings are below.

  1. Pittsburgh 9-2
  2. New England 9-2
  3. Tennessee 7-4
  4. Kansas City 6-5
  5. Jacksonville 7-4
  6. Buffalo 6-5
  7. Baltimore 5-5
  8. Cincinnati 5-6
  9. Los Angeles 5-6
  10. Oakland 5-6
  11. Houston 4-6
  12. Jets 4-7
  13. Miami 4-7
  14. Indianapolis 3-8
  15. Denver 3-8
  16. Cleveland 0-11