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Robby Anderson wants to go to the Pro Bowl; Chris Spielman is not amused

Carolina Panthers v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

One of the most-talked about moments of yesterday’s game between the Jets and the Panthers did not occur on the field. The FOX camera caught Robby Anderson after his second touchdown reception of the game.

Anderson asked for Pro Bowl votes, which led to FOX announcer Chris Spielman to melt down.

“How about you focus on outscoring somebody in the fourth quarter, and you focus on this game instead of campaigning for Pro Bowl votes? Let’s try that first,” Spielman bellowed in response to Anderson.

This was a pretty incredible moment. One might be led to believe Spielman wasn’t actually watching the game. Apparently putting up 146 yards including two 30+ yard touchdowns wasn’t enough to convince Spielman that Anderson’s focus was on winning the game.

Then again the way Spielman was misidentifying players and misdiagnosing plays, maybe he actually wasn’t watching the game.

How about you focus on doing a credible job in the broadcast booth instead of bashing a 23 year old kid for an innocuous comment during a break in the action?