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Jets-Panthers final score: Jets kick game away; lose 35-27

Carolina Panthers v New York Jets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

I’m sure it will be very tempting to blame today’s Jets loss on another Austin Seferian-Jenkins touchdown being taken off the board in a key spot by a shaky review call. At best the call appeared to be borderline.

If you blame the loss on that call, you would be mistaken. The Jets deserved to lose today’s game to the Panthers, which they did 35-27 at MetLife Stadium to fall to 4-7.

Bad calls are a part of the game. The Jets couldn’t control that call. What they could control was another touchdown they lost earlier in the game because of a Seferian-Jenkins drop. They could control a couple of killer penalties to help extend critical Carolina drives.

They certainly could control the play that lost them the game. Even after the Seferian-Jenkins call, the Jets still took a fourth quarter lead on a field goal. That lead was lost when Josh McCown fumbled the ball away that the Panthers returned for a go-ahead touchdown. All season long McCown has shown a lack of understanding of score and time. He frequently has made plays to lose games for the Jets. Frequently the opponents have rejected his gifts. Today they did not, and the Jets lost.

I understand this is a bad roster. I understand expectations are low. None of this matters. You can’t lose games like this. It’s a reflection on everybody from the coaches to the players to the front office.

Discuss the game below. We will have more later.