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Return Flight: Shoeless Brad

Looking back at the good Thanksgiving night game for the Jets.

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

The Thanksgiving night matchup in 2010 between the Cincinnati Bengals and the New York Jets was a memorable one, if for no other reason than that Gang Green would never again play a Thanksgiving game after that. Definitely not at MetLife Stadium. Definitely not a couple of seasons later. Nope, nope, nope. No ifs, ands or butts about it.


Rex Ryan’s squad shocked the league and went on an improbable deep playoff run in 2009, defeating the Bengals at home for the final game in the Meadowlands and then beating them again the following week at Paul Brown stadium in a Wild Card matchup. For their third matchup of the calendar year, Gang Green was heading into the game with an 8-2 record after a miracle win over the Houston Texans. Mark Sanchez was named AFC Offensive Player of the Week. Fans were quite happy with Santonio Holmes. But Bengals WR Terrell Owens was not impressed with Darrelle Revis, calling him average. In other news, Curtis Martin finally joined Twitter. And it was a sad week for most of us around here at GGN, as Jets Kvetch announced its end.

Game Highlights

The Jets started the second half trailing 7-3. A few seconds into the third quarter and this happened:

Later on it would be Tone Time as the Sanchise would complete a 13 yard touchdown pass to extend the lead. The Bengals would answer with a field goal. In the ensuing kickoff, this happened:

My personal memory of this play is that I was sitting at home with my little son of one and a half years old. He was just starting to talk. He looked up at the TV, and he said, “See Jets. Running, running Jets.”

Game Thread Highlights

15:00 in the 3rd (Play-by-Plays by PFR)

14:24 in the 3rd, 1st & 10 from NYJ 47, Brad Smith left end for 53 yards, touchdown

  • lotdrecords: what did I tell you?
  • winnebagosun: There you go! Where was that before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • John B: Let’s give it up to Schotty. Found a way to get Brad the ball without going Tigercat.
  • kotite4ever: +10000. Finally! Pass to set up the run – now THAT’S the attacking style to start a second half that I’ve been groaning about in the first half (and how it was lacking).
  • Judgegavel: See nothing to worry about!

Nick Folk kicks off 56 yards, returned by Bernard Scott for 16 yards (tackle by Eric Smith)

  • winnebagosun: why does Folk always kick it so short?
  • kotite4ever: What's with Folk's kickoffs? Is that intentional that they’re short? Or is he just not a “kickoff guy?” Just wondering.
  • mad science: Kotite, as your GF might have told you, It's not the length of the kick... it’s your coverage downfield
  • kotite4ever: Just don't tell my wife about my girlfriend!

14:08, 1st & 10 from CIN 30, Cedric Benson right tackle for 3 yards (tackle by Eric Smith)

  • mad science: Smith has been our most active on D tonight it would seem.
  • Atronic: lol I have to say Smith is a beast at times when it comes to tackling

13:18, 4th & 7 from CIN 33, Kevin Huber punts 57 yards, returned by Kyle Wilson for 1 yard (tackle by Jeromy Miles)

  • Atronic: kyle Wilson where are you????
  • FrankG929: right there stumbling over his own feet.
  • BIG OH!!!!!: Should have Holmes returning punts
  • Atronic: I say put Mcknight back there and replace Wilson see how he goes. Mcknight has been impressing me on special teams lately.

10:05, 2nd & 7 from NYJ 36, Mark Sanchez pass incomplete short right intended for Shonn Greene is intercepted by Rey Maualuga at NYJ-48 and returned for 11 yards

9:52, 1st & 10 from NYJ 37, Chad Johnson pass incomplete deep right intended for Terrell Owens

  • mad science: Dumb**** play on the ocho pass
  • John B: They must have borrowed Schotty.
  • mad science: they should be trying to get into fg range, not settle your player's beefs

8:11, 4th & 3 from NYJ 30, Carson Palmer pass incomplete short right intended for Jordan Shipley. Penalty on James Ihedigbo: Roughing the Passer, 15 yards (no play)

  • mad science: WTF!
  • Jadden Hopkins: your kidding?
  • John B: This officiating is a joke.
  • Judgegavel: You know the new rules just makes football suck
  • BL3ACH: you kidding me? what was wrong with that
  • winnebagosun: i hate these damn refs!
  • Bro Namath: I'm sorry, that was totally unfair
  • Down Since '86: Two plays that might cost us big time…bullshit…
  • lotdrecords: This is the leagues fault. How do you change the rules – or change how the rule is enforced – in the middle of the season?? the refs have no clue how to call it, and to be honest, neither would I. That said, i don’t see how in the world that is a penalty.

6:37, 4th & 4 from NYJ 9, Aaron Pettrey 27 yard field goal no good

  • FrankG929: well, at least it’s just 3…
  • John B: Guess again :-)
  • Dylan87: thats called karma
  • FrankG929: That explains going for it on 4th and 3. Their Kicker is a cross between Reed and Folk.

5:09, 4th & 5 from NYJ 25, Steve Weatherford punts 39 yards, muffed catch by Andre Caldwell, recovered by James Ihedigbo and returned for no gain

  • BL3ACH: way to hustle hed
  • Ozone: way to use your ee head ee, bro!!!
  • Atronic: Wow I didn't see it hit a bengal on a replay
  • Ozone: nice. marvin lewis is saving his challenge for the 64000 question

4:14, 2nd & 9 from CIN 13, Mark Sanchez pass complete short right to Santonio Holmes for 13 yards, touchdown

  • John B: My God, what a route.
  • kotite4ever: WOW. You can not defend that – Holmes is the best route runner I’ve ever seen in a Jets uniform.

2:38, 3rd & 2 from CIN 40, Cedric Benson right guard for 1 yard (tackle by Shaun Ellis)

  • kotite4ever: Gholston is getting a nice push on a lot of these running plays – the Bengals are unable to move the line of scrimmage.
  • lotdrecords: Gholston lives!
  • Atronic: Gholston looks like a beast out there

1:49, 4th & 1 from CIN 41, Kevin Huber punts 51 yards, returned by Jim Leonhard for 5 yards. Penalty on Antonio Cromartie: Illegal Block Above the , 6 yards

  • kotite4ever: Makes you wonder... why Cro is on special teams. He’s not having a good night.
  • John B: It’s dumb to have Cro on the return team for a number of reasons, not least of which is he’s a terrible blocker.
  • mad science: Is Rex still making these guys do 20 pushups per penalty?
  • BL3ACH: I hope not they won’t be able to lift their arms

0:16, 3rd & 5 from NYJ 12, Mark Sanchez sacked by Carlos Dunlap for -11 yards

  • John B: We’re seeing a lot of the Sanchez of 2009 tonight.
  • winnebagosun: geez, almost a safety. What’s with Sanchez, is his brain freezing?
  • Judgegavel: What was worse was trying to throw it away. Safety is better than a fumble there.
  • Sub-Zero: WTF is wrong with Sanchez tonight?!
  • BL3ACH: I hope Dilfer is not going to his head, wake up mark
  • Down Since '86: Well, according to these phenominal commentators, Mark has gone Hollywood…that must explain his s***tiness…
  • setamboat11: Marks having a pretty rough night

12:37 in the 4th, Aaron Pettrey kicks off 59 yards, returned by Brad Smith for 89 yards, touchdown

  • winnebagosun: Smith!
  • BL3ACH: gs.mtrkghfblknvbkjvrvkrvvvavan;
  • Atronic: Brad Smith is a beast. So deceptive great balance
  • EVT: Thankful for that
  • mad science: Brad Smith you are f***ing amazing!
  • bjk1903: SIGN THAT MAN NOWWW!!!!
  • setamboat11: I’m thankful for Brad Smith baby!!!
  • kotite4ever: Wow. If Brad Smith played every game of his career against the Bengals, he’d be a first ballot Hall of Famer!
  • umohan21: PAY THE MANNNNN
  • Atronic: It almost looks like Smith has a forcefield around him when he runs maybe its his size
  • Sub-Zero: With 1 shoe!
  • umohan21: I can't believe Smith lost his shoe...
  • Jadden Hopkins: amazing he did that without his shoe

9:58, 3rd & 6 from NYJ 46, Mark Sanchez pass incomplete short right intended for Santonio Holmes

  • BL3ACH: mark what RRRRRRr you doing?
  • Atronic: UGHHHH Sanchez is off. Wonder if its the short week
  • Bro Namath: Looks like Mark just said whatever on that play
  • kotite4ever: Ugh. Come on Sanchez, you have three guys open and you throw it 10 feet over Holmes’ head.
  • winnebagosun: BS was pissed on the sideline by Mark’s throw

9:07, 2nd & 20 from CIN 10, Carson Palmer sacked by David Harris for -8 yards

6:57, 2nd & 10 from CIN 6, Carson Palmer sacked by Trevor Pryce for -6 yards, safety

  • kotite4ever: SAFETY! WOW – Pryce timed that just right.

Kevin Huber kicks off 62 yards, returned by Kyle Wilson for 7 yards (tackle by Tom Nelson)

  • Atronic: Kyle Wilson Sit McKnight come in you had enough chances on the returns.
  • kotite4ever: We need to chip and buy Kyle Wilson some better shoes. He flopping around like he’s on a Slip ‘n’ Slide out there.
  • dtuck81: better get him a pair of floaties, too.

FINAL: Bengals 10, Jets 26

  • BL3ACH: If we lose Smith from the front office dragging their feet on an extension I am going to be pissed.
  • YoungMoney24: 9-2 baby
  • Judgegavel: Short week, some bad calls by BS in the first half... and Sanchez was due for a bad game, and expected hiccup.
  • the new Bradfather: Rex surmised what I feel about the Jets, I don’t know how we’re going to win, I just know we will. The Bengals are a horrendous team, but the Jets know how to finish games. Brad Smith was magnificent tonight.
  • dtuck81: “it made me want to destroy him” – revis

It looks like I had too much turkey that night, as I was not able to chime in with the usual “home of the Jets” comment at the end there. I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane. We will have to do it again some time.