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How well does the Jets defense keep opponents behind schedule?

NFL: New York Jets at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we took a look at where the Jets rate relative to other NFL offenses in terms of staying on schedule. Today let’s look at the defense.

We will use the same criteria as we used on the offensive side of the ball. First let’s look at opponent success rate on first and ten. Football Outsiders calls a first down play that gains 45% of the yardage needed for a first down a success so we will look at the percentage of first and ten plays every team’s defense is allow 5 yards or more.

In this case, lower percentage is better. While the Jets fared poorly on offense, they do better here, around the middle of the pack.

The other measurement we used was average distance on third down. The offense has a more difficult job operating in third and long because the playbook becomes more limited. The offense is almost forced to attempt a throw down the field, which gives the defense an edge.

The Jets are actually near the top of the league in this category. Opponents have to go a long way on the typical third down play.

The Jets might have trouble staying ahead of schedule on offense, but the defense is giving opponents the same type of problem.